Since 28th February 1989, Mazinde Juu has been a place where many students have had the opportunity to learn and discover themselves. I congratulate you all who have gone through this institution.

I would like to commend Fr. Damian Milliken, the School Manager and founder of Mazinde Juu for listening to his heart and initiate the idea of establishing the school which has become a centre of academic excellence and beneficial to many Tanzanian girls.

Organization Structure

An organizational structure defines how activities such as task allocation, coordination and supervision are directed towards the achievement of organizational aims. Learn more »

Massege from Manager

There is an interesting historical fact which connects Mazinde Juu to the German Colonial period which began in 1885. Learn more »

Massege from Headmistress

On behalf of Mazinde Juu community, I wish to take this opportunity to thank God the Almighty for bringing Mazinde Juu to this point of celebrating 25 years of its existence. Learn more »

Motto, Vission, Mission and Prayer

To Make Sure that the Education we Provide Prepares the Girls in Good Conduct to be Accepted in Society and Enable them toJoin all Level of Higher Education and Being Independent and Patriotic Citizens of the Nation. Learn more »

We're Ready for You!

Everyone is geared up to welcome new students to campus.

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