Dear Reader;

On behalf of Mazinde Juu community, I wish to take this opportunity to thank God the Almighty for bringing Mazinde Juu to this point of celebrating 25 years of its existence.

Since 28th February 1989, Mazinde Juu has been a place where many students have had the opportunity to learn and discover themselves. I congratulate you all who have gone through this institution.

I would like to commend Fr. Damian Milliken, the School Manager and founder of Mazinde Juu for listening to his heart and initiate the idea of establishing the school which has become a centre of academic excellence and beneficial to many Tanzanian girls.

In addition I would wish to convey a word of appreciation to the most Rev. Bishop Telesphor Mkude then the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Tanga, now the Bishop of Morogoro for accepting to make Fr. Damian Milliken’s idea come to a reality. If it was not his parental and listening heart, the establishment of Mazinde Juu would never have been possible.

I wish to acknowledge the continued support of Bishop Banzi the current Bishop of Tanga Diocese. As the owner of the school, he has guided us well over that past many years until this day when we celebrate 25 years of our existence with great achievements.

Special gratitude goes to my beloved headmistress the late mama Evangelina Mazala who laid the primary foundation for the administrative arrangement of Mazinde Juu. As the current school headmistress and having gone through her caring hands, I regard mama Mazala as my role model. I always ensure I follow her steps and keep her spirit and effort burning.As we celebrate 25 years of Mazinde, mama Mazala should be highly remembered and her efforts recognized.

I also wish to recognize the contribution of all the other former heads of school who are; Sr. Sylivestra Msaki 1993 – 1995), Sr. Domitila Mshahara (1995 –2003), Sr. Blandina Thomas (2003 – 2005), and Mr. Barbana Chambo. Each one of them has contributed to the improvement of the Academic excellence of Mazinde Juu The knowledge and skills which have been acquired by students over the past 25 years can be witnessed across different social, political and economic divide in Tanzania and beyond.

Since its inception in 1989, about 1927 girls hold their NECTA certificate of excellence with Mazinde Juu name inscribed on them. With this vivid excellence, our girls are making a remarkable contribution to our nation. Our products are working in various professional fields as doctors, pharmacists, lawyers, engineers, accountants among others.

The goals for the second quarter of the century are based on the fact that Mazinde Juu should remain a centre of academic excellence compatible with the modern era of science and Technology. It is of no doubt that the teachers of Mazinde Juu are committed to helping the girls to achieve their goals.

Special Thanks Our success is attributed to the joint efforts of various people and stake holders whose contribution cannot go without mention and recognition.

I wish to thank our sponsors and parents in a special way for their endless and unconditional support towards the installation of the water supply source at Kwekiluwa, the construction of Eva Mazala Academic hall, bakery section, St.Catherine building, teachers’ houses and all other forms of moral and motivational support aimed at improving and increasing efficiency in the teaching learning process at Mazinde Juu.

I ask the Almighty to reward and bless your generous hands unconditionally. We further welcome your continued support towards the challenges that still lie ahead of us.

Our desire is to make Mazinde Juu the best school ever for any student with science based ambitions in the history of Magamba and Tanzania as a whole.

In doing so, we need to expand our infrastructure in laboratories, computer resource center, sports and games play fields as well as teachers’ houses. All these cannot be achieved without your participation. “Let’s join hands to build and advance the glory of St.Mary’s Mazinde Juu for the generation ahead of us” For any contribution towards this development,is a very unique school with a practical quarter system arrangement which gives priority to the young girls from Lushoto and particularly Magamba during selections for entrance into the school. What an exceptional pride we owe.

On behalf of Mazinde Juu community, I wish to take this opportunity to thank God the Almighty for bringing Mazinde Juu to this point of celebrating 25 years of its existence.

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