‘‘We make it, we state it, we prove it!’’


This is the most adventurous club ever existed in our school. The club was started in our school so as to make the study of science fun as we prove various facts that we study and know about science since its all about making, stating and proving facts.

It started in the year 2011 as an idea of science students with the support of the school administration to expound the knowledge of students in science.

Who are involved…

Science club includes everyone with a great interest in knowing more about science and mostly those who want to prove facts just like Newton our idle..!

What we do..

As we know that ‘‘science is nature’’ every member of the science club plays a big part in proving this by participating in various activities such as making various models ,doing various exhibitions in the formal gatherings ,performing various researches and discussions about facts and most important we perform experiments which is the heart of science!


Science club has been able to ;

* Expand the knowledge of students and their understanding mostly in science subjects.This is by performing different experiments,reaserches and discussions to clear up and prove some facts during science club days.

* Influence other students in school to enjoy the studying of science as we show that nature is all about science.We have achieved this through the various exhibitions that we do in the school gatherings.

* Maintain the first position during various club competitions!The determination and commitment of the club members in participating well and giving out their ideas on how to earn it ,is what enables our club to remain the best.

* Improve the courage and confidence of students as they argue for and present facts of science and even how they defend them.

* For the school ,science club has brought various suggestions on how to make the studying life enjoyable through the move games.

* We also made various things like a modern house with lights as security,a volcanic mountain and even a bouncing egg!

* Studying science is not as hard as people think..it is just how you make the subjects part of you and find ways to prove or know more about what is presented theoretically and ideologically just as how Sir Thomas Edison made the first bulb on earth glow!

Prepared by Gillian Mushi and Bertha Nguyamu Science club leaders VI PCM(2015-2016).

‘‘we make it, we state it, we prove it!’’

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