Dear viewers welcome to our discipline bureau. Thank you for taking your time to read (go through) this section. This section demonstrates the information concerned with our efforts in grooming and maintaining students’ discipline. Discipline entails the way of behaving that shows the willingness to obey rules, regulations and / or orders. Our office works hand in hand with the entire school community to ensure students willingly obey and follow the school rules and regulations. Discipline plays a significant role in enhancing the smooth running of school programs (activities) for school progress. The educational process demands discipline from students, teachers and the whole school community. Discipline is an important recipe for academic excellence and / or school success.

One of our educational tasks as members of the discipline office is ‘educare’ which means to "lead out" from ignorance. We work very hard to ‘lead out’ our students from ignorance of the school rules and regulations, thus enabling them to think critically and logically. We educate them about what is ethically right and / or wrong in their school life as well as life in general. This is the most important duty of our office for the students placed under our care.

The work of ‘leading out’ our students from ignorance involves among other things initiating them into our school culture. A culture which embraces a way of thinking, behaving, or working that conforms to our core value as an academic institution. This involves the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties (of our students) especially through education. Our school culture in its totality reflects the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behaviour that depends upon their capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to successive generations. This is done by our office and the entire school community through a systematic process of acculturation and deculturation. This enables the new cohorts of our school to be introduced to the school culture and its core values. They are introduced to a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterize our school and its accomplishments as an academic institution.

Our school culture is guided by four main things: the school vision, the school mission, the school motto and the school prayer. Our vision as a school is “to provide quality education for Tanzanian girls and develop them morally and spirituality to be a good force in any society they live in”. The mission of school is “to assure that the education we provide prepares the girls in good conduct to be accepted in society and enable them to join all levels of higher education and being independent and patriotic citizens of the nation”. Our school motto is “with the whole heart” or “Kwa Moyo Wote”. Everyone in our school community does what is in the best interest of the school with whole heart to achieve our cherished vision as a school.

At the centre of our school culture is our school prayer which is “Almighty and eternal God, Father of the world to come, your goodness is beyond what our spirit can touch, and your strength is more than our mind can bear, lead us to seek beyond our reach and give us the courage to stand before your truth, we ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen”. This prayer puts the school vision, mission and motto in a much needed perspective. Every activity in our school starts with a prayer to the Almighty and eternal God. This gives our community the strength it needs to pursue its vision and mission. The efficacy of academic excellence is only feasible through the tremendous efforts of our school community under the guidance of school administration through the practice of our cherished core values in our school culture. The discipline department plays a significant role in helping the students to practice the school culture by obeying the school rules and regulations willingly for their own academic excellence. Once again we wish to thank you for spending your time to read this section in our website.

Thank You.

Mashare Constantine, F.  (Discipline Master for the Discipline Committee)

This section demonstrates the information concerned with our efforts in grooming and maintaining students’ discipline.

09/09/2015 10:46:57