"We hate corruption"

This is among the best clubs in St.Mary’s Mazinde Juu which has been able to combat and speak about the major problem that is facing our country that is Corruption.

Through this club, students get to increase their awareness about the impacts of this evil practice that affects both the social and economic development of the citizens and country at large. The club was introduced in our school in the year 2011 after corruption being a great threat to our country and that even students had to take part in fighting against it for both the current and future generations.

In the club we participate in various activities such as interclass and interschool debates concerning various issues that relate to corruption. We also do dramas, singing, drawing various articles and also do various presentations during gatherings of students and teachers so as to share what we have and influence as many of them to join us in the fight against corruption.

The PCCB club also takes part in different club competitions and has no history of being the losers since the first competitions in our school and we have been awarded by the school for our great work and active participation.

Because of the recognition of our efforts in combating corruption and our active participation in this process the PCCB awards each graduate with a certificate so as encourage her and other people to take part in this process.

As the leader and a great fighter of corruption through the PCCB club, I would love to encourage all students, youths and citizens to take their part in the fight against corruption and not to leave it all to the government since the main cause of the poor and undeveloped country that we are living in is known and its through commitment we can eradicate it and have development.

Prepared by Nazrah Mohamed "VI HGE 2015-2016".

‘We hate corruption’

29/08/2015 03:29:56